Stop Scolding Your Kids for Failing In School.

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Coach April

Let’s face it..

Having super smart kids who are both book and naturally smart is the best thing that can happen to any parent. 

I must congratulate you as you’re about to access what has turned into a “family LEGACY” in my extended family.

Imagine a Child Who Normally STRUGGLED to Be Home a B+ or C+ Now Ace All his Subjects and Making You a Proud Parent?

THAT’S The Exact Secret I’m about to reveal to you.

A natural brain-booting secret that is...

"It All Started When I Failed My Junior WAEC and Watch My Mate Enter SS1 Because of My Crazy Obsession With Internet "

This is one very painful memory I never like revisiting.

The year was 2005 and the internet was taking the world by storm. 

Like many young kids I was caught in the fad.

My parents were so busy hustling to pay the bills that they rarely had my time.

So as usual I will go to the game house with friends, play PS 3 games and browse for the latest gist on the internet.

My Body WILL Be In Class But My Soul Was Planing About My Next Trip to the Cyber Cafe

I lost total concentration in my studies and felt I was too smart to study 

Till the day exam came.

 What happened next will shock you…

Like a movie, my junior WAEC came.

 Still full of confidence, I will just wake up and bounce into the exam hall after cramming a full note on the subject only to…

BLANK OUT When It Time to Put My Pen On Paper

This was one of the scariest moments in my life because I know the kind of Scolding and punishment that awaits me if I Failed my exams, but it was too late…

I Failed But I'm Sure That Won't Be The Case If My Parents Had Access to the Info I'm About to Reveal to You..

Trust Nigerian parents, they called me all sorts of names and treated me in ways I never wanted to be treated all because I Failed.

If I eat my mother will say something like…

” if you can be as serious as the way you are eating with your studies you would have passed with flying colors”

It Was So Painful I vowed to break the jinxing of dullness and Figure Out How to Ace My Exams

I scrubbed every info, manual, and book about how I could naturally boost my memory without trying any funny thing so I could ace my next exam, and what I discovered on my own wowed me…

The Strangest Secret About Closely Guarded Brain Fertilizing Secrets Used By FBI, CIA and Special Intelligence Agents to Fast Track Mental Processing Power of Sudden.

When I discovered this strange secret, I was so mind-blown away I could hardly sleep.

What if I told you that all you need to do to turn your child from a C student into an A+ Student is just 5 Mins in the morning and 5 Mins at night?

Research By Trainers of Ivy League schools, top institutions like American University use this exact 5mins R. W. M booster and x10 mental capacity of their students..

What's this R.W.M. Booster Method About?

So you’ll agree with me that if anyone wants to be super smart he needs to focus on these three critical things…                                                                               

Ability to Read Anything to Understand

Ability to Write with Clarity and assertion.

Ability to Solve Math problems with fewer Errors.

The 5 Minute R. W. M booster method is one of the amazing tricks I used to understand so many subjects during my Junior WAEC rewrite.

They Laughed At Me When I Could Hardly Remember Simple Definitions...

But After Passing My WAEC, JAMB & Got Enrolled to One of The Most Prestigious Universities In Nigeria Who's Laughing Now?"

I Came Out In Multiple Flying Colors, Even Shocked My Parents!

Now I never had to worry about being a failure in school and in life again.

Imagine I had parents that had Few Mins For me?

Imagine you had access to a very simple method to boost the brain power of your child and make a smart genius almost overnight.

If you’re answer is a resounding YES then I’ve got news for you.


The Genius Special Report:

How to Turn Your Child into a Genius!

A Special Report that reveals how to turn your child into a living smart genius who that Ace any exam, Assimilate any subject at the speed of LIGHT without cramming or cracking their head.


Your Child's Mind is Working at Half of Its True Power!

Do you know?

Your child’s mind is working today at only HALF its true power – simply because they have not been taught the right way to make their subjects simplify themselves.

They have not been shown the few simple secrets of Speed Reading.

One of the biggest secrets of the world-famous private educational institutions in the world today!

There are simple secrets that would let them flash through any printed page TWICE AS FAST as they can present it’s your duty as a parent to unlock and help them unlock the genius within your child.

My Special Report:
How to Turn Your Child into a Genius will Reveal How You Can Achieve that With JUST 5 Mins Per Day!

When children are very young they don’t know the right way to feed their minds with mathematical problems.

But when you’re armed with the Turn your child into a Smart Genius guide you can help them solve math problems so clearly and so logically that these problems first HALF-SOLVE Themselves.

You’ll notice that they don’t find it hard to prepare for their tests so clearly.

But when you know the magical FIVE questions you must ask..

Even their teacher will be shocked at how they phrase answers to their questions!

This is the fascinating power of the info contained in my special guide “How to Turn Your Child into a Genius”

If You Have Been Searching for a Very Easy Way to Have a Major Impact In Your Child's Life While Making Them the Smartest Kid in the Block

Then this is the Perfect Handbook you need to make your child as smart as Albert Einstein without stress starting with just 5 Mins a Day!

That’s why I always suggest that every caring parent should lay their hands on the “How to Turn Your Child into a Genius” guide

In fact, here are some of the secrets revealed in this special report:

Do they have trouble expressing themselves?​

You’ll discover a funny fun filed trick that burns the correct spelling of any word into the brains of any child so much they turn into a walking dictionary!

Does your child make the same spelling mistakes again and again?

Discover the easiest way to help even the meekest of kids turn into very confident, outspoken children that can easily think on their fit- reason logically and persuade even the most stubborn teachers ethically to give them the highest scores in examinations!

Do Your Kid Freeze Like a Deer When Writing An Exams? Or Maybe Forget what they read perfectly well overnight?​

I will reveal a very “Pro-Active” technique for making them agile, proactive, and swift while writing exams or even studying a paper!

You’ll uncover a Test Score booting “loophole” that help removes all traces of tension so that you boldly recall answers without an iota of doubt when faced with tricky questions during exams!

As If That’s NOT Enough…

You’ll discover how to turn your child into an Overnight Book Wizard even if everyone, even your nosy neighbor thinks he or she is not so smart!

RARE rapid learning techniques used by Top Private personal trainers without stressing their students!

FINALLY! A Maths Miracle Formula to help turn your child into an instant problem-solving machine, that can solve any maths problem at the speed of light!
Above all – a collection of test and exam-passing techniques – that can practically DOUBLE the grades of your child in every subject in school!

Imagine your Child Bringing an A+ Result every Term.

This special report will GUIDE you through.

And So much More I Can’t reveal here but let’s hear what others are saying about this special report How to effectively secret

Start Turning Your Children into Geniuses

So They Can Grab Scholarships, Enter the best Universities & Get The Best Opportunities In The World!” ​

Just like the foundation of a building determines how big, strong and reliable that building will become, that’s how a Child with a Strong memory and sharp mind is the foundation of a child with a bright future!

That’s why I’m so passionate about putting this guide in the hands of passionate parents who know the value of having SMART Kids.

Intelligent parents who value having kids that are walking geniuses.

Guess What?
Even Adults Are Not left Out!

Do you know that the MORE you teach your kids method of becoming a Genius, the more you too become a genius too?

Oh yes!

I know you’re already smart, but imagine how smarter you’ll be when you have access to this special guide?

So How Much Does it Cost?

Due to the fact that this book has a very high value, and contains info used by the Ivy league, FBI & CIA.

This guide is EASILY Worth About 16,460 Naira!

As if that’s NOT Enough…

See what you’ll get when you grab this genius implanting guide…

3 Steps Native Intelligence Fast Track (Value: N9,500)

3 Simple Hacks to make Your Child Naturally Smart So They Can Stop Stressing You!

Ever wished your kid never stress you so much?

As soon as you get my “Turn Your Child into a Genius Guide” I will give you a free hack on how to make fast track the native intelligence of your child so they are not only book smart but street smart.

Edutaining Youtube Rolodex Links To Inspire Your Child to Greatness. (=N=7,500)

Ever wanted you kids to think, act and be fully smarter with their phones?

I will hand you a list of over 10 website channels that can make you kids smarter even when they are browsing the internet.

Say goodbye to unwanted social media consumption, with these videos you can make them become more intelligent with entertaining channels.

Boxful of Secret I.Q Increasing Mobile Games to spike up Your Childs I.Q At The Speed of Light (Value: 9,500)

When you get the how to turn your child Into a Genius guide you’ll get it all for free.

Telegram Channel Support Channel (Value: 90,000 per year)

I Know you may have questions and guidance on how to lead your children into becoming smarter. 

So I’ve decided to create a telegram group to support you when you get my guide today.

I Will answer all questions relating to increasing your child’s intelligence in the Genius Parent group and also deliver all the gifts promised inside.

So How Much Will It Cost You to Get The "Turn Your Child Into a Genius" Guide PLUS The Mouth Watery Bonuses?

The insider info in this guide worth over 120,999 because this is the exact info wealthy parents use to turn their kids into geniuses who can run their empire and keep the blood line pure…

This is the exact info High level private trainers use to turn even a kid written off as a dummy into a super smart kid…

So the info is worth MORE than even 120,999

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Feel free to ask for your money Back

What's the worth of Materials that Shows You How to Make Your Child a Genius Who Becomes Successful in Life without Stress?

It’s every parent joy to have kids that are super smart.

Kids makes them proud when they bring home their results.

Kids that makes their heads swell when they speak at family event or even in competitions.

There’s no limits to joy you have when you have a kid that’s extremely smart and brainy.
I know how it feels to be helpless as a kid.

I know how it feel not to have any guidenice to help you increase you’re I.Q

And that’s WHY I’m very passionate about getting this one of a kind guide on every caring Nigerian parents hands.

Get How to Turn Your Child into a Genius Guide + The Fast Action Bonuses Today For Just...

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The Genius Child Guide: “How to Turn Your Child into a Genius (Value: N14,690)

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3 Steps Native Intelligence Fast Track (value: N9,500)

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Edutaining Youtube Rolodex Links To Inspire Your Child to Greatness. (Value: N7,500)

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Genius Parent Telegram Channel Support Channel (Value: 90,000 per year)

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Frequently Asked Question for The Genius Child Guide

The Guide reveals tested and trusted methods any parents can guide, teach their kids how they can study better, solve maths better and articulate thier thoughts on any subject in school and outside the real world.

It’s basically a bible that reveals how to make your child more intelligent, a genius like Hablert Einstein Was

No! Any Child Between the Age of 4 to even 25 can deploy the info in the guide.

In fact even adults in the university who are jsut looking how to improrve their I. can use it.

So even as a parent you can use it to become more smart in work and amongst friends! How cool right?

Your child’s intelligence is way more important than any gold or money in the world because it’s only a smart child that can carry on your legacy when you grow old.

With Just 5mins either you or your partner can JUST invest a few mins to guide them and even pass the info guide to their private teacher later on.

How Simple?

ABSOLUTELY! Remeber You’re Fully Covered By My 90 Days No Value, No Super Story Money Back Guarantee!”

It’s a Digital Prodcut you can read on your phone, laptop or Tablet.

As soon as you pay for the guide you’ll be send the access link to your email inbox + Access to the Telegram Channel to get the bonuses worth over 131k all for FREE.